Graduate student, bioinformatician, troublemaker, etc. I’m studying at UC Davis under the guidance of Titus Brown in the Lab for Data Intensive Biology. We do stuff with nucleotide and occasionally amino acid sequences, preferably in large quantity and either transcriptomic or metagenomic in origin. We also do a lot of teaching, which you read more about here and here; some materials that I’ve written can be found on my github, such as this nifty pydoit workshop, or on our various readthedocs sites.

After a long while working on the lamprey transcriptome, I found myself frustrated with the state of existing transcriptome annotators and wrote dammit. I’ve contributed extensively to our lab’s sequence analysis library, khmer, and have a pile of other repos on my github page.

Out in the real world I emulate a normal person by playing with my cat, making music, wrenching on my Jeep, and enjoying Star Trek.

For the curious, the site name comes from my being a bioinformatician and liking The Who.

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